PoweHer Potions Information and Orders

Thank you for your interest in PoweHer Potions! I can't wait for you to become immersed in the sacred ritual of connections, insights, awareness and deepening of your own personal style of feminine PoweHer.

We are often conditioned from an early age that our cycle is embarrassing, dirty, painful, a hassle – something to keep secret and/or try to suppress altogether.

We often want to distance ourselves from what is such an innate part of our female nature.

But as cyclical beings, learning to tap into the energy of our rising and falling hormones, from bleed to ovulation to bleed, we begin to tap into a secret source of power, energy and intuitive wisdom. We awaken and respond to the world from a wildly new perspective.

The PoweHer Potions are the first step in a larger offering. They comprise a set of 4 x energetic essences, one for each week of your cycle, along with an editable UseHer Guide to help track your own journey. Their purpose is to help you tune into the different energies at play through each distinct phase.

They have been created using a mix of energetic sources from oracle, tarot, Australian Bush Flower Essences and intuitive/collective guidance.

By connecting to the dynamic yet subtle energy of our cycle power, we become awakened participants in the creation of our life, purpose and soul dreaming.


  • To order your PoweHer Pack plus mini-UseHer Guide/editable PDF, just enter your details below.
  • Payment for the 4 x-essence PoweHer Pack plus mini-UseHer Guide/editable PDF: AUD$120 + Shipping AUD$15 = AUD$135;
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